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So I’ve moved on over to WordPress. It was best to do it before I became too committed to Tumblr. WordPress has a feel and ethos that I find much friendlier to the kind of blog I’d like to run: one that focuses primarily on writing, and less so on visual art. I’m still experimenting, and figuring out what I want to do in this space.

Am I creating a character and inhabiting him? Am I being as genuine as I possibly can? Recognizing the fact that trying to write genuinely, or naturally, is about as difficult as trying to figure out what you’re supposed to do with your arms at a party, I’ll probably exist somewhere between those two states.

I’ll try to be as close and honest with you, the reader, as I would be with a reasonably close acquaintance in polite company after a few beers. There are secrets I will keep, and some topics which will not be breached, but I am willing and excited to have in-depth discussions. I will tend to assume, anyways, that any readers are my actual friends and family. That simplifies things a lot.

On movement, or motion: I mentioned previously that I was focussing on friends as objects of admiration. I specifically mentioned their “motion”. That phrase was a bit of a weasel word; I said something vague and poetic, and left it to the reader to decipher. The meaning may have been fairly clear given the context, but I feel like I may have used it simply because I didn’t know exactly what I wanted to say.
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