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Godspeed You! Black Emperor — ‘Allelujah! Don’t Bend! Ascend!

Omg omg omg. Little in the music world could make me giddier than a new, completely unexpected album from the (until recently) permanent-hiatus-or-maybe-broken-up legendary Canadian anarcho-post-rock outfit, Godspeed You! Black Emperor. So I might have a bit of a bias. Forgive, forgive.

Look at this building, dude.

‘Allelujah! Don’t Bend! Ascend! was released on Constellation Records.

So they’ve gone ahead and done just that, though. Here is the album. Here is their website.

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The xx – Coexist

Listen to the whole album streaming here for a short while longer. I’ll put up a link to Grooveshark as soon as such a thing becomes a thing. [edit: Here is that link]
Be aware, Grooveshark is not quite legal. Make an informed decision as to whether or not to use their services; the artist does not receive payment for Grooveshark listens, but the same might be said for Spotify or Pandora

I was initially somewhat underwhelmed. Not every album has to be some grand statement, but at first I didn’t hear very much to listen to in The xx’s Coexist. I noticed immediately its more ambient approach to production and arranging. Not that there’s anything wrong with that, but it’s not definitive, as their first album was. The album reveals a satisfying, delicate intricacy upon further listening, but I don’t feel it has the staying power of its predecessor. That being said, I like it. It’s touching.

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Kid A

1. Here is the entire album compiled on a Grooveshark playlist.
2. Listen along.
3. This could aid some people in visualization. Or something.

This isn’t a review. There are already lots of great reviews of Kid A. There’s nothing much of value I can add to the conversation; the album is a Laocoön. This piece is instead a meditation, or a meditative story, on an experience of the album.

A few nights ago I was restless, as lonely people are restless. I’m not being dramatic. All my roommates had left, and I was looking at a solitary week. Also, I had avoided going to the gym that day out of mere laziness. I felt guilty and unable to concentrate. I sat around watching TV, not motivated to do much. I was in a Funk. It’s a mood I recognize.
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