Hi there. I haven’t written a portfolio on my main website, so here’s a stand-in.

The Nature of the Beast

See it live at https://vcolavin.com/nature-of-the-beast
See the code at https://github.com/vcolavin/nature-of-the-beast
Technologies: TypeScript, React, Redux, Scss, Webpack
2018 – 2019

I work full-time, so I don’t do a lot of open-source work in my spare time. Sometimes, though, the spirit moves me and I put a few hours into my main active project. It’s still evolving, but right now it’s an interactive fiction inspired by 80s text-based adventure and the terminal console. In a word, it is nerdy. In more words, it’s nerdy and strange and literary and deeply personal.

Salmon Explorer

See it live at http://salmonexplorer.ca/
This project is close-source.
Technology: TypeScript, React, Redux, Mapbox, Scss

An app to look at huge amounts of data about fish in the Pacific Northwest! I worked on features all across this app, but I was entirely responsible for the on-demand PDF generation. Warning, some PDFs are very data heavy and may take a long while to load.

Lumina Stronger Nation

See it live at http://strongernation.luminafoundation.org/report/2019/
This project is close-source.
Technology: React, Redux, TypeScript, Nivo.
2018 – 2019

A way of finding information about higher education attainment rates in the United States.

I also built the entire Predictive Tool, which at this moment is hidden behind that “coming soon” button. It’s really cool, I promise.

Animal Wellness Action Website and Congressional Accountability Tool (CAT)

See it live at https://animalwellnessaction.org/
This project is close-source.
Technology: React, Redux, TypeScript, WordPress, Jupyter Notebooks (for data ingestion).

The coolest part of this suite of sites for AWA is the CAT: https://cat.animalwellnessaction.org/. However, I built the blog using good old-fashioned WordPress. I learned it from scratch in a couple of weeks, and had a lot of fun building the custom theme.


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