The forest is better!

Thanks to an unexpected PR from a friend, the forest is in good health. The polymorphism issues I was having in the last blog post are all but solved, and all tests are passing. There need to be *more* tests, for sure, but things are looking much better now.

The Location#objects helper hack method still exists, but that’s okay because all the other ActiveRecord helpers I’m used to are back. Wolf#location and Location#wolves both work out of the box. Trogidu, the writer of the PR, saw to that. He also found a couple pluralization issues! I suspected those would turn up, but I was missing the extra pair of eyes!

I’m not working on this project as frequently as I ought to, but every time I put an hour into it I’m astounded by the amount I learn. Trogidu’s PR introduced me to inverse_of, which I somehow had never heard of before. Plus, it made me feel all warm inside that someone I haven’t spoken to in a while took enough interest to help me write code!

Also, the dev blog seems to be following a pattern of humanistic status update post followed by a more specific post on a particular technical thing. I think it’s a good pattern. I’ll follow this one by a quick post on JBuilder layouts.


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