It’s just an API for now.

Alright, episode two in the development blog of my little forest project.

Here’s the forest code.

If you look at my Github contribution tracker, you’ll notice a month gap there. There’s a couple reasons for that, but the relevant one is that I was trying to work on the front end. I was learning how to get React + Redux running with Webpack and Babel and all that fun stuff. I was learning about modern JavaScript development and deployment.

I spent a couple weeks following Survive.js’s awesome Webpack and React tutorial. I don’t think I will continue down that road for right now. I’m just doing Ruby for now. I am capable of learning the modern front-end, but it will probably have to be with more time or mentorship. The complex mixture of compilers and languages and package managers is too much for me to handle at the moment.

So that’s that. I’m building an API for now. With Ruby on Rails. Once it’s fleshed out I’ll start looking at a front-end. I’d love for it to imitate the style of text adventures like Zork, except the world is dynamic and alive. Every movement (e.g. north, south) would constitute an API call. Clearly, web technologies are not the best way to build this. I think Z-machine is the way to go for that.

So that’s a status update. I’ll write a follow-up post real soon re: technical issues on the back-end.


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