I am looking for work.

I got laid off, and I’m looking for work. I’m not in a rush, financially-wise, but working is a  good thing that I want to do.

Basically, if you know about any developer job openings in Portland OR, please let me know! Feel free to share this post with people who might know of one 😀

In the simplest of terms, I am looking for a midlevel web developer position working full-stack, or front or backend.

Here are some key words: I am a midlevel web developer with over a year’s professional experience working in many technologies across the stack: Ruby on Rails, myriad JavaScript frameworks (Angular, Ember, React, Polymer), and Postgres, MySQL, and Mongo. git AND Mercurial. Also, plenty of devopsy-type nuggets, e.g. deploying, using Travis CI and Errbit.

I’ve got positive references from my former employers and coworkers at Notch8. I place a high value on the happiness of the team I work with, and I’m fun + cool.

I am going to stay in Portland. Because of my transportation situation, I’d prefer a job that is within ten miles of where I live in SE.

The best way to contact me is by email: vcolavin at gmail dot com. I’m @vincentcolavin on twitter.



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