Getting back to work.

Tomorrow will be our first day back at Dev Bootcamp after the two week break, but almost no one stopped working. I managed about 6 hours of work most days while I was on break in San Diego and Santa Cruz. We all had tons of homework and projects to work on.

DBC didn’t always offer a two week holiday break, but I suppose they’ve responded to some negative feedback about that. I’m very grateful that I got to spend time with my family around Christmas, and time with my friends on New Year’s Eve. I’m not sure if I needed the break, and I’m more worried about having lost momentum than anything else, but I as it was I’m glad for the time I spent with people I love.

I think I had the nicest New Year’s celebration I’ve ever had with my friends in Santa Cruz. I stayed at a lovely house, worked really hard, spent lots of time with people I hadn’t seen in years, and watched the sunset by the lighthouse. Within fewer than 72 hours, I had so many lovely and memorable moments. Bird watching, beer tasting, getting AJAX to work, singing, lighting candles; they become vague and difficult to enumerate, blurred in time so quickly. The only thing that stands out is an immense feeling of bliss and gratitude for my wonderful friends.

From that peaceful exhalation I come back to San Francisco, which smells of pee and North Face jackets. The air is cold these days. I’m thirsty and excited for the things to come at Dev Bootcamp. In the past two afternoons I’ve gotten my first real API-based app working, and I’ve got a lot of other things still in the pipeline: email notifications, reverse geo-coordinates, desperately-needed CSS. I get shivers when I think about it. The things I’ll learn, the things I’ll make!

And I keep going: I’ll be graduating in three weeks. What comes after? I fantasize about that. I don’t doubt it will be difficult, but the thought that I can take web development to so many major cities and still be able to find work (eventually) is incredible. I am not at all tied to San Francisco, which smells of pee and North Face jackets. I’m going to apply to when DBC is over. They’re in London. I’m also going to look at Microsoft and Amazon (do they hire junior web developers?), which are in Seattle. I haven’t even started researching. I could apply anywhere. It’s exhilarating.

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