Reflection 11/25/2014

I haven’t been doing these enough, clearly. I’ve been getting a few down in my personal notebooks, but I’m just not very consistent. I really need to go to bed so I’ll keep this pretty short.

Today was my most stressful day at DBC so far. We had an “engineering empathy” class which asked us to express our inner critics and superegos. I am all about the inner critic; I feel like it’s controlled me for large parts of my life. Right now it’s behind me and doesn’t seem so powerful, but I so frequently just wrapped up in fear of it. But it’s rarely easy to talk about your fears and your insecurities, the mean things you tell yourself when you fuck up or when you don’t. It’s especially tough in a room full of strangers. I’m scared of a few really embarrassing things on top of the normal-enough fear of rejection and undesirability. That’s fine. It just wasn’t easy to share.

And the coding challenges today were really difficult. My partner and I spent all day banging our heads against our keyboards trying to wrap our heads around challenges which hadn’t been introduced very much. I know the idea is that we’re supposed to look these things up ourselves, that they’re teaching us how to learn, but it was really annoying. I felt pissed off.

But basically we were trying to implement composition, as opposed to inheritance, in Ruby classes. I still don’t understand why it’s better and how exactly it manages to reduce dependency, which is what it is apparently supposed to do.




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