Introduction to some current projects

I approach many processes in my life as projects. I’m very achievement oriented, and feeling like I’ve reached a goal or quota makes me feel good.

So here’s a quick list of current projects in my life:
– Run my age in miles (23)
– Build a bike at the Bike Kitchen
– Read James Joyce’s Ulysses
– Listen to all 500 Rolling Stone’s Greatest Albums
– Learn Bash
– Restart my blog

These are on top of trying to find a new place to live, which is totally a project but not fun at all.

I’d like to document these on this blog that I have. I only complete these sorts of projects sometimes, and I think writing it all down will help me out a bit. Here are their current statuses.

Run my age:
My record is 18 miles, and I’ve run a couple of half marathons. I’ve been lazy about this recently, but I’m going on a run this morning to hopefully get back on the horse. I’ll post Strava routes for this project and maybe post pictures if I manage to bring my phone with me.

Build a bike:
I love to work at the Bike Kitchen in San Francisco’s Mission District. They’ve got all the tools and parts you need to work on a bike, and they’ll let you use them for a tiny amount of money. I found cute li’l Specialized StumpJumper frame with absolutely no components on it. So far I’ve assembled the headset and fork, and it’s taken me two horrible weeks. It’ll be a total Frankenbike, and I’d be surprised if any two parts came from the same set originally. Wait, what’s the actual probability of that?

I intend on giving this bike away when I’m done with it because it’s way too small for me, but I’m not sure I’ll be doing anyone a favor by doing so. I’m going to post pictures and process explanations of this one.

I’m a pretty big book nerd, and one of my favorite things is getting lost in a gigantic tome. I loved Infinite Jest, Lord of the Rings, and Godel, Escher and Bach. I haven’t started Ulysses yet (except for one abortive attempt a few years ago), but I’ve got two companion books for it: The New Bloomsday Book by Harry Blamires for chapter summaries, and Ulysses Annotated by Don Gifford for more detailed annotations; I’ve taken these recommendations from an Economist article on the subject. I’ll be receiving the Gabler edition of Ulysses from Amazon pretty soon, and starting in on it right after I’ve finished up Lolita.

I guess for this one I’ll post status updates and thoughts. It might be boring for you guys.

Listen to Rolling Stone Magazine’s 500 Greatest Albums:
This is my least favorite projects, but I’m already about about 150 albums through and I really like the idea of expanding my musical horizons. It involves a lot of slogging through boring shit. I’ll be posting single-line reviews of each album, with expansions if necessary (such as if I need to complain about Merle Haggard, which I will need to do).

Learn Bash:
I’m already about halfway through the excellent Learn Bash the Hard Way, and after that I intend to go through SOME of Mendel Cooper’s Advanced Bash-Scripting Guide, recommended to me by my father. I’ll just post bits of Bash code and associated ruminations for this one. I’ll be using Ubuntu.

Restart my blog:
Um, well.

See you later!


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